About Us

Husky Secure was formed in 2020 by the founder who has 21 years of networking experience. The solutions we design come from that knowledge base and focus on quality, reliability and security. Let us support you throughout the engineering process from architecture to implementation and training.

We Have 21 Years Experience in the Security Industry.

About Us

Securing your existing property and networks.

Without proper security in place your valuable property is a target for phishers, attackers, thieves, ransomware gangs and the list goes on. If you handle customer data, private information, or accept credit cards, network security is paramount for continued operations. Protecting your property is our specialty. Let Husky Secure provide a comprehensive plan to give your entity the best protection against current and future threats.
About Us

Charity giving and Non-Profit Tech

As a business member of the local community, and the greater business communities of the nation, Husky Secure is committed to support non-profit organizations by providing in-kind IT services and computer / networking hardware at low cost to the areas that we serve. Non profit supporting documentation is required up front at the time of initial engagement.